Kenapa Elyana Berjumpa Dengan Anggota Tentera Berpangkat Kolonel Sebelum Bermula Gegar Vaganza 4

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“Setiap kali mandi apabila melihat keadaan rambut bersepah-sepah, dia tambah tertekan dan akhirnya membuat keputusan untuk memberhentikan rawatan itu.

“Kecewa memang kecewa namun saya kasihankan isteri saya. Kami ikut kata hati dan memberhentikan rawatan kemoterapi untuk memberikan ruang dan masa kepada isteri saya,” tambah Khairul.

Semangat Elyana kembali pulih. Namun, selepas kembali membuat rawatan pada awal tahun ini, doktor mengesahkan kanser limfoma dalam tubuh Elyana sudah berada di tahap empat!

Teruskan bersama Astro Gempak untuk kisah selanjutnya tentang semangat juang, usaha dan tawakkal Elyana menentang barah limfoma.

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NotaKaki: Semoga Elyana dan keluarga kekal tabah menghadapi ujian dari Allah SWT. – GV




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Money Management It is the most important that you recognize as a amateur Forex Trader the emphasis isn’t on how a lot you’ll make from Forex Trading however on the way you arrange what you might have. This is the most typical downfall of all amateur Traders. It is not unusual position to look a beginning Trader chance the vast majority of their account on one or two positions. This taste of Trading isn’t sustainable and professional Traders don’t Trade on this approach. Everyone someday of their occupation can have a string of dangerous Trades. A standard quantity could be 10 shedding Trades in a row. The query is do you might have a cash control plan in position that lets you continue to exist this? four. Focus at the Market Many amateur Forex Traders open their Forex charting instrument and turn on their newest sizzling indicator or instrument and continue to put their Trades as in step with the gear suggestions. This taste of Forex Trading is not likely to have a lot longer term good fortune. When those signs fail to generate the desired earnings then those Traders then transfer unexpectedly directly to some other set of signs. You will have to center of attention at the Forex Market and perceive what the indications are telling you as a way to select the Forex Trades that have the most productive chance of being winners. Successful Forex Traders use signs and gear as Fibonacci, Pivot issues, value channels, MACD, RSI and many others. These gear via themselves are not making a a hit Trader. There are many a hit Traders and unsuccessful Traders who use the very same signs. The key’s that a hit Traders understands how the Market behaves across the signs and understands what the indicators in reality imply. The best possible method to succeed in that is to forestall swapping between gear and make a selection those who praise your Trading plan, know the way they paintings, after which spend time within the Market experiencing them. five. Plan your Trade and Trade your plan. This is a not unusual pronouncing that turns out to get misplaced on amateur Traders. It will have to be each Trader’s function to make pips on every Forex Trade as in step with their Trading plan. Forex Traders will have to deal with every Trade as a industry choice via calculating their chance and defining their entries and exits issues, the ones that don’t open themselves to special losses when a Trade is going dangerous. Many amateur Traders appear to lack the self-discipline to apply a plan for every Trade. So what occurs is usually the next; a amateur Trader will see a possible set-up, they come to a decision on some arbitrary sum to shop for or promote with a snappy guesstimate, then position the Trade with out examining any chance and having an go out technique. Of direction this manner of Trading will also be winning over the fast time period, extra all the way down to good fortune than talent. But ultimately the good fortune runs out and the Trader is stuck sound asleep and a not unusual result’s a burnt up account. The first query amateur Traders have a tendency to invite themselves how a lot will I make in this Forex Trade? The first query revel in Traders have a tendency to invite themselves is how a lot is my attainable loss / chance? 6. Your thoughts is your most powerful asset and weakest hyperlink. Entire books were devoted to the topic of psychology and its position in Trading. That does not imply they’re all going that can assist you, however you will have to take this as an indication that the topic isn’t to be neglected. First you will have to perceive the position psychology performs in Trading. You will have to learn how to perceive your character characteristics and the way they may have an effect on your Trading taste. A Trader I do know is a foul loser and when he has a foul Trade, he had a addiction of going instantly again and seeking to win the ones pips again with even worse effects. But he understands this as a weak spot and when he has a foul Trade, he’s taking a destroy of 20 mins earlier than he is going again to Trading in order that his feelings don’t have an effect on his Trading selections. Second you will have to make it your intention to by no means prevent Learning. You can not get your self to a undeniable degree after which turn into complacent. Every day is a Learning revel in by hook or by crook or different and also you will have to be ready to be told classes and make investments time in making improvements to your talents and revel in. The day you prevent Learning is the day you will have to prevent Trading. 7. Understand The Forex Market is all the time proper or Expect the Unexpected. The Forex Market is an engaging position, however there’s something each Trader wishes to be told. Always be expecting the sudden and don’t get wrapped up in previous successes. No subject what your charts or signs inform you; once in a while the Forex Market will do just the other. Whatever occurs within the Market you will have to handle an goal outlook in your technique and the Forex Market and make sure that bubbles and crashes don’t derail you in the long run. By following those Steps and Learning to turn into a Forex Trader relatively than simply Trading the Forex Market, you’ll put you at the trail to final good fortune as a winning Forex Trader. This is one thing that 90% of all amateur Traders fail to succeed in.