“Kalau Nampak Kawan Jalan Laju, Panggil 3 Kali. Kalau Tak Jawab, Jangan Ikut Dia”: Lelaki ini Kongsi Pengalaman & Petua Hiking Atau Masuk Hutan

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Your next step now is to make sure that you get yourself in the proper environment and interact with other Traders, otherwise Trading Forex can become a lonely occupation.

It also helps to have a Trader coach or a Forex mentor who is more experienced in the Markets and can help you to refine your Trading approach and improve your Trading strategies. They should also be able to help you psychologically deal with Trading as the sums of money get larger.

Let’s get one thing straight. A lot of people start Trading Forex only to give up in 3 months’ time. They may start Trading again at some point, and you might find yourself in this position, but there’s one big problem.

Trading has to fit into your lifestyle. If it doesn’t fit into your lifestyle, you won’t carry on doing it. So many people start Trading small timeframes for hours at a time, put their lives on hold, and try to get rich quick. The sad fact is that this is very unlikely to work for them, as their having to force 4+ hours a day, to the detriment of the other things in their lives such as family, work and friends.

I’ve got a better idea, how about fitting Trading into your lifestyle and getting rich easily, without having to force it and without having to find hours a day to Trade? Doesn’t that seem a lot more appealing?

Fit Trading into 30 Minutes a Day
If you’re going to fit Trading into your lifestyle, you have to be Trading the daily chart timeframe. You can’t Trade an hourly chart and expect to be able to do it in 30 minutes a day. Trading the daily chart means that there is only one bar/candle per day, so all you need to do is logon to your Trading platform when the daily bars close – New York close, and make your Trading decisions at that time.

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